Does the statement sound familiar?

We are told that a college education is the best investment to make. The rewards are plentiful, they say.

However, attending college in the United States is more expensive than ever. Collective student debt equates to trillions of dollars ($1.75 trillion to be exact). The stereotype of the graduate barista rings true, with a recent study announcing that 40% of college graduates are underemployed.

College education is still useful and rewarding. The previously mentioned source also observes employment figures improve over time as graduates gain a footing in the labor market. The Social Security Administration finds that men and women with college degrees earn more than individuals without one. This all shows that college education is a worthwhile endeavor.

But how likely is it to make a return as an investment?

If education is an investment, you should have the ability to research it like other investments. You can compare stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, and cryptocurrencies. You can analyze their ROI outlook. You can estimate the crime index impact on your property’s value. You can estimate a stock’s quarterly price. Shouldn’t you have a similar ability to research a college degree? wants to provide you with that capability. Where you can research average salary medians and the places in the country with the highest and lowest salaries. Where you can compare the average cost of schooling to how much annual salary you can expect to earn with a degree. Where you can explore job opportunities available for a degree and how many years of experience you’d typically need to get hired. Where you can discover the most affordable schools in the country to obtain your degree. Where you can find similar degrees for a given area of study.

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